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Box 89


Contains 28 Results:

Boese and Frederickson (SEE OVERSIZED BOX 95), undated

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 10a
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

(Arranged alphabetically by name of law firm. Only major correspondents are indexed.)

Dates: undated

Bogos, Bogos & Kefgen, Detroit, 1974-1977

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents

(Correspondents include Paul G. Bogos. Concerns Georgia Kelly v. McNeil Laboratories, Inc., 1974-1977.)

Dates: 1974-1977

Boyar & Higgins, Morristown, N.J., 1980-1983

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents

(Concerns Jose Belmar M.D. v. Joseph Cipolla M.D., 1980-1983.)

Dates: 1980-1983

Brabham, T. Mark, McComb, MS; Mounger & Mounger, Tylertown, MS, 1977-1982

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents

(Concerns Nancy Herrington, CRNA, 1977-1982; John Foryt v. Lee Hayden and Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, 1979.)

Dates: 1977-1982

Bradbury, Victor J., Metairie, LA, 1981

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents

(Concerns Sarah Cook Hebert v. Ochsner Clinic et al., 1981.)

Dates: 1981

Breazale, Sasche & Wilson, Baton Rouge, LA, 1973-1975

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents

(Correspondents include Boris F. Navratil. Concerns Amzy Jackson v. John Doe, M.D. et al., 1973-1975; Shirley Dunbar v. Elizabeth Butler and Continental Insurance Co., 1975.)

Dates: 1973-1975

Broussard, Bolton & Halcomb, Alexandria, LA, 1979-1981

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents

(Correspondents include Daniel E. Broussard, Jr. and Frank R. Bolton. Concerns Tonya Joiner Burge [for Deanna Burge] v. Huey P. Long Memorial Hospital, Malcolm Russell M.D. and State of Louisiana, 1979; Bill G. Rockett v. St. Francis Cabrini Hospital, Wallace Aderhold M.D., Palmer Texada M.D. et al., 1980-1981; Sharon Connie Catlett, 1979-1981.)

Dates: 1979-1981

Brown, Crowley, Simon & Peebles, Fort Worth, TX, 1974

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents

(Concerns Wallace Mayfield v. Schick Hospital et al., 1974.)

Dates: 1974

Brown, Todd & Heyburn, Louisville, KY, 1982

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents

(Correspondents include Edward S. Bonnie. Concerns Louisiana State Racing Commission re: C.W. Walker, 1982.)

Dates: 1982

Bryant & Stennis, Gulfport, MS, 1982-1986

 File — Box: 89, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents

(Correspondents include Thomas L. Stennis II. Concerns David McKenna et al. [for Gloria McKenna] v. Richard L. Colson M.D. and Ira E. Gaddy M.D., 1982; 1986; Yearwood v. Methodist Hospital, 1984-1985.)

Dates: 1982-1986