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Bloom, Barry and Michael Page, Feb. 13, 1987

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Institution: Pfizer. Topics: entering into the field of recombinant DNA research and molecular genetics; recombinant techniques used in oncology; oncogenes; research efforts; using small biotechnology companies as part of research strategy; tPA processing technique for generating protein treatments; strategic drug production directions; developing a competitive edge; in-house scientific culture; benefits of being a multi-national organization; understanding patient/physician and basic...
Dates: Feb. 13, 1987

Carter, Stephen, Feb. 5, 1987

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents

Institution: NIH/NCI; Bristol-Myers. Topics: Clinical trials development; MOPP/POPP Hodgkin's disease treatments; leukemia; chemotherapy; Vincent DeVita; Gordon Zubrod; Howard Skipper; cell kill hypothesis; Tom Frei and Jay Freireich; NCI cancer screening program; Platinol; leadership figures; coming to Bristol-Myers; commercial industry research approach; entry into biotechnology; interferon failure; non-approved indicator drug use.

Dates: Feb. 5, 1987

Cohen, Sheldon and Bernard Janicki, Dec. 17, 1986

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Institution: NIH/NIAID. Topics: immunology as a recent newcomer within NIH 1960s-1970s; historical connections between NYU and NIH, Shannon, Benacerraff and predecessors; coming to NIH after Jonestown Flood; training program evaluation; Maurice Landy; reasons for growth of immunology at NIH since 1972; four areas of interest: basic immunobiology, genetics and transplantation, allergic diseases/hypersensitivity responses, immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases; senescence; shift from...
Dates: Dec. 17, 1986

DeVita, Vincent, Dec. 16, 1986

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Institution: NIH/NCI. Topics: immunologists as musicians; coming to NIH, Dave Rall, pharmacology; Hodgkin's disease research; role in war on cancer; Yarborough Commission; Mary Lasker influence; developing research agendas, Friday seminars, oncogenes, molecular biology, supercomputers; an independent NCI; entrepreneurial corporate culture of NCI; personal success developing Hodgkin's disease therapy; human tumor cell kinetic studies ; MOMP chemotherapy program; Freireich's influence;...
Dates: Dec. 16, 1986

Eddy, Bernice, Dec. 4, 1986

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Institution: NIH/NCI. Topics: Initial work at Bureau of Biologics and personalities; influenza; SV40; polio vaccine; Cutter scandal; William Sebrell, James Shannon, Joseph Smadel; holding back her polio vaccine research; move to cancer; Sarah Stewart; family and educational background; University of Cincinnati; Carville Leprasorium; starting at Hygienic Laboratory in 1937; tumor virology work with Stewart, Ludwig Gross; SV40 Sabin vaccine controversy again; William Sebrell's leadership; war...
Dates: Dec. 4, 1986

Endlich, Allen, Frank Bullock, and Paul Liebowitz, Jan. 9, 1987

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Institution: Schering-Plough. Topics: Interferon development, failures and prospects, leading Schering into 21st century biotechnology; incorporating new science into traditional pharmaceutical business practices; organizational change; long range planning; acquiring DNAX; old management style versus the new; impact of Robert Luciano; coming to Schering; buying Biogen and getting Inerferon; why devoted so much to developing Interferon, its strategic role in transforming the company; tour and...
Dates: Jan. 9, 1987

Fauci, Anthony, Dec. 17, 1986

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents

Institution: NIH/NIAID. Topics: beginnings of the AIDS crisis; immunology; modernizing basic and clinical research approach; inter-institute cooperation; personal relationships; family life; work habits; human B cell cycle; AIDS treatment drug testing; AZT

Dates: Dec. 17, 1986

Frank, Michael, Dec. 17, 1986

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents Institution: NIH/NIAID/Laboratory of Clinical Investigation. Topics: educational background; comparing British and American immunology status in 1960s and in 1986; area of specialty: immune complexes and how they work, immune complex disease, compliment system, lupus, nephritis; NIH's background being modeled after Rockefeller Institute; need for combining clinical practice and research; NIAID lab organizational structure, he's administratively responsible for the ward; current clinical...
Dates: Dec. 17, 1986

Goldstein, Gideon and Ruth Edison, Jan. 8, 1987

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents

Institution: Ortho Pharmaceutical. Topics: HIV/AIDS treatment; Thymopentin; Thymopoietin; OKT-3; monoclonals; research philosophies NIH vs. industry; problems inherent with drug development; tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Sloan-Kettering; immunobiology

Dates: Jan. 8, 1987

Green, Jerome, Nov. 21, 1986

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents Institution: NIH/NHLBI/OD.Division of Research Grants. Topics: Personal background, eduction, PHS Commissioned Corps; starting at NIH and heart institute in extramural research and training grants, working with Paul Dudley White and his personality, James Shannon personality; biggest challenges and opportunities for cardiology in 1955, Shannon-Hill-Lasker-Fogarty power nexus, Mark Lasker's role and influence; biggest breakthrough's at NHI during 1950s, pharmacologic therapy, hypertension...
Dates: Nov. 21, 1986