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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 217 Collections and/or Records:

Phenotyping: On Reaching Base Camp (1950-1975)

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584939X69
Dates: Publication: April 1993

Possible Mechanism of Tolerance to Narcotic Drugs

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584577X10
Dates: Publication: 10 August 1956

Present and Future of the Artificial Heart

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584928X148
Dates: Publication: 1975

Prognosis in Elderly Hypertensive Patients

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584929X114
Dates: Publication: 1994

Propranolol in the Treatment of Essential Hypertension

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584929X116
Dates: Publication: 23 May 1977

Purification and Partial Characterization of Human Lymphoblastoid Interferon

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X155
Dates: Publication: November 1979

Rationale against the Drug Treatment of Marginal Diastolic Systemic Hypertension

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584929X117
Dates: Publication: 1 August 1990

Rationale and Methods for the Treatment of Early Essential Hypertension

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584929X118
Dates: Publication: November 1958