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Affinity Chromatography

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X153
Dates: Publication: 1971

Partial Purification of Human Interferon by Affinity Chromatography

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X154
Dates: Publication: August 1974

Purification and Partial Characterization of Human Lymphoblastoid Interferon

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X155
Dates: Publication: November 1979

Research proposal involving thermophilic bacteria

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X99
Dates: 4 December 1987

Selective Enzyme Purification by Affinity Chromatography

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X171
Dates: Publication: October 1968

Suppression of Hydrogen Exchange in Staphylococcal Nuclease by Ligands

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X172
Dates: Publication: December 1968

The Use of Affinity Chromatography in the Study of Protein Folding

 Digital Record
Identifier: 101584571X156
Dates: Publication: 1983